Welcome to the Edge. The edge of known space. The perilous drop into emptiness where stars stop shining and the next galaxy is generations away. The edge of society. Where gangsters and bounty hunters walk freely in the street, weapons on their hips and danger in their eyes. The edge of power. Where the grasp of the Empire is tenuous, at worst and wholly absent at best. The Edge is a dangerous place for the uninitiated and naive. Life is hard and you must always be watching your back.

But the Edge is also glorious. Where a scruffy outlaw can rise to wealth and respect. Where a fleeing Force-user can find trust and camaraderie. Where an outcast tech-junky can find redemption and healing. The Edge is both deadly and beautiful and presents a fine line for anyone exploring it. The allure of the uncharted and the threat of the unknown have cost many their lives. And here you are, one of the uncounted millions. What is the Edge to you?

Welcome to the Edge of the Empire.

Welcome to the Edge

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