Welcome to the Edge

Introducing Isotech
Beyond the Rim: Chapter One

In the Besh Gorgon system, amongst the Mid Rim region, lies a space station unlike any other. This station is called The Wheel. Unlike other stations, this one lies in a unique neutral zone, free from Imperial disruption. Its on The Wheel that smugglers rub elbows with wealthy merchants and its on The Wheel where To’Mas, Graaddik, Haro and Archer find themselves. Contacted about a dangerous and lucrative proposition, they drop their ship into a landing bay on the cargo level of The Wheel.

Knowing time is money, they make their way to the offices of Reom, a blue skinned Twi’lek and president of IsoTech. Spread across numerous worlds, Isotech is a company that makes a business in low grade tech distribution. Whether or not this is the extent of their business enterprise is up for debate. Reom runs IsoTech with his sister – Shira. They split the workload with Reom in charge of Outer Rim acquisitions and Shira handling everything Mid Rim and Coreward.

Reom greets the party after they pass through his comprehensive and intimidating security protocols. Reom has recently come in possession of a message pod belonging to the long fabled Sa Nalaor – a lost Separatist ship from the time of the Clone Wars. Legend tells that the ship is the final resting place of fantastic technology that could be worth a great deal of money. Reom has tasked the party to find this ship and the technology it was carrying. This could also lead to the rescue of any survivors of the crash.

After the customary bargaining phase, Reom and the group part ways, agreeing to meet again on Raxus Prime, a base of operations for IsoTech. The players are planning to meet up with Shira who is delivering a protocol droid with knowledge of the Sa Nalaor. While waiting, they decide to browse the concourse, known for its cantinas, tapcafes and shops.

The first stop is the Blasted Asteroid Cantina, just one of thousands of locations across the galaxy. This one is home to Waroon Dak, an infochant with a reputation for knowing most of the happenings on The Wheel. After much discussion, the party learned more about the Sa Nalaor and its final resting place – Cholganna. Once they settled with Waroon regarding his fees, the group decides to split up. Haro heads back to the ship to oversee the installation of the pod while Archer, To’mas, and Graaddik head to Farlander’s Outfitters and Supply.


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