Nole Farlander

Owner and Manager of Farlander's Outfitting and Supply

Brawn Agility Intellect Cunning Willpower Presence
1 1 3 3 2 3
  • Discipline 3
  • Negotiate 2
  • Skullduggery 2
  • Knowledge – Outer Rim 2
  • Streetwise 1

Street Smarts, Black Market Contacts


Nole Farlander owns and manages Farlander’s Outfitting and Supplies, a hybrid showroom and pawnshop on The Wheel. His shop sells many useful weapons, items and armor, most second hand, some new. There is also rumor of a “back room” where some less than legal items can be acquired by the discerning shopper with the right amount of credits. Nole exhibits an extensive knowledge of weaponry, especially that of the ranged variety (evidenced by his custom-crafted, ceiling-mounted, quad-repeating blasters on both sides of the store). He is also a source of weapon attachments for those inclined to mod their gear.

Farlander exudes a nervous, anxious attitude when engaging customers. Denizens of the wheel and recurring customers describe him as ready to please and quick to provide exactly what they need. Some also consider him a a frustrating experience due to the combination of the desire to please and a very difficult to follow speech impediment. Occasional reports indicate a very different Farlander, exhibiting a cold, calculating demeanor that borders on disturbing but these experiences are commonly dismissed as outliers or are attributed to a secondary employee.

Nole Farlander

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